We are a boutique real estate company specializing in rentals, sales, new development, and property management exclusively in Long Island City. Even though we have worked all over New York City for many years and have gained

substantial knowledge and experience in different neighborhoods, our forte has become Long Island City. We have established long-term relationships with all of the neighborhood's luxury high-rise rental and condo buildings, as well as, with boutique mid-rise and small privately-owned buildings. We have a direct relationship with all of the buildings in Long Island City.



At Luxury Apartments LIC we believe that we can be of great service to our customers who are looking to rent/buy/sell in Long Island City because of our experience, professional network, and industry knowledge. We have deliberately decided to work and excel in this specific segment of the NYC real estate market and we proudly consider ourselves the LIC Experts. In recent years we have successfully helped over 1,100 different customers find their dream home in the areaOur ability to find the best-rated apartments, save time, and handle every step of the process in a professional and efficient manner has resulted in our high ratings on many real estate platforms. The repeated clients and referrals attest to our high level of performance. 



We are confident that we are The partner you need in your apartment search in Long Island City!









1. We are honest!


2. We are professional and courteous.


3. We will listen and understand your specific requirements and needs.


4. We have a lot of experience in the area.


5. We have a direct relationship with all the leasing management companies.


6. We know every single layout, current prices, and incentives and can advise you on which apartment is a really good “deal”.


7. We take pride in the feedback of our past customers (most of our business is based on referrals).


8. We work in partnership with various real estate professionals and business companies to further help our customers with their real estate needs.


9. We are multilingual.


10. We are personable!